Consulting & Advisory

Alpha Blockchain Consulting provides blockchain advisory, consulting and development services. The Company advises companies on formulation of strategies for a successful digital marketing campaign, partnerships and affiliates, crowdsales and listings on global exchanges.

The Directors of the Group have experience in successful ventures and have worked on numerous projects and have expertise in various blockchain fabrics including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and with many blockchain development APIs, software frameworks and tools.

The Alpha Blockchain Consulting team comprises a General Manager, Marketing Director and a team of Research Analysts, Marketing support and Community Ambassadors who work to bring value through expediting clients' understanding of the applications and its potential opportunities to create growth. The team is assisted by executive advisors with deep skillsets and expertise in blockchain, game theory, cloud computing, computing architecture and IT management.
The Company provides a broad range of strategic advisory services to a diverse group of companies in both the pre ICO and post ICO stages.  For companies preparing for ICO, services offered by Alpha Blockchain Consulting Limited include advisory, marketing strategy, security audits, wallet development, and research for preparing companies for ICO. For post ICO companies, the Company offers services including coin creation, tokenomics design, marketing, and software development.

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Strategic Investments

Alpha Blockchain Investments acts as a strategic investor in companies by providing funding, network, and advisory resources to increase the growth of start-ups in the blockchain and crypto domain. The Company acts as an operations facilitator providing finance, legal, management and administration support which enables the Alpha Group to develop new opportunities in blockchain through various channels in numerous markets.

Additionally, our executives are heavily involved in the blockchain community such as administering in key areas the Blockchain Education Network, a community of learners from University campuses aiming to collaborate, share and lead the blockchain innovations. The Company is expected to leverage the Alpha Blockchain Group branding and its international network to create value for the blockchain opportunities including promoting its portfolio companies via conferences and through online and social media marketing.

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