Internet of Things (IoT) Course

Command the data your business generates from a single dashboard.  Automate, integrate, and accelerate processes.

We've developed an IoT course that we plan to offer in Q1 2019. The goal of this course is to prepare you to be a commercial IoT hardware and software developer.

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Module 1: An Introduction to IoT Technology

* IoT Use Cases

* The ESP8266 Chipset and Why it Matters

* Setting Up a Development Environment

* Compiling and Flashing Firmware

Module 2: Getting Started with the ESP8266

* The Lua Programming Language

* Core Lua Modules for the ESP8266

* Program Architecture

* Integrated Hardware - GPIO, PWM, ADC, Wi-Fi

Module 3: Local Communications

* Serial, SPI, and I2C

Module 4: Timers and Displays

* Single and Repeating Timers

* Watchdog Timer

* LCD Screens and Fonts

Module 5: Hello, World!

* Temperature and Humidity - DHT and RTD

* Movement and Position - Accelerometers, Proximity Sensors, and Hall Effect Sensors

* Motor and Servomotor Control

* Other Sensors

Module 6: Data Storage and Structures


* Bloom Filters and SQL

* Files

Module 7: Internet Communications


* HTTP and Websockets

* MQTT Protocol

Module 8: Encryption and Authentication

* HMAC, AES, Handshaking and Sessions

* Remote Control

Module 9: Backend Setup and Configuration

* ThingsBoard Setup

* Communicating with ThingsBoard

* Dashboards

* Data Export

Module 10: Power Management

* Battery Considerations

* Sleep Modes

* Reset

Module 11: System Architecture

* Ease of Maintenance

* Wi-Fi Availability and Antennas

* Security

Module 12: Group Projects

* Group work and presentations

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