Ethereum Course

Learn to harness the power of the world's  largest distributed computing platform: the Ethereum Blockchain

We've developed an Ethereum course that covers the basics you need to develop commercial Ethereum applications. With the high demand for blockchain developers, this course is an excellent addition to your professional portfolio.

The course assumes prior knowledge of programming (any high-level language), HTML and CSS.

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* Basics and Use Cases

* How to Use Ethereum

* Development Tools and the Testnets

How Ethereum Works

Module 1


* How to Build a Simple Smart Contract

* How to Implement a Smart Contract to Solve a Problem

Smart Contract Basics

Module 2


* How to Use Web3 so Websites Can Interact with the Ethereum Blockchain

* How to Use APIs to Extend Ethereum Functionality (e.g. KYC)

Web3 and APIs

Module 3


* Basic Security and What Needs to be Audited

* Project Workflow and Course Summary

Security, Audits, Project Management

Module 4


* Put your learning into practice with your group.

Group Project Presentations

Module 5

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