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We are a global technology consulting firm focusing on next generation applications using emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI and IoT.


Our team is extremely passionate about innovation and are fully dedicated to working with customers to produce innovative solutions that will revolutionize how global business is conducted.


April 20, 2019: Tomochain dApp Hackathon

In 2018, the biggest barrier to blockchain adoption was the technology itself — it needed to be faster, have lower costs, and be easier to use. In 2019 a lot of progress has been made in those areas by projects like TomoChain that have launched their own blockchains, and the challenge has shifted to a new area: a shortage of developers trained to use these faster, better blockchain technologies.

April 06, 2019: DApp Development Workshop with TomoChain

Alpha Blockchain delivered a 2 day intense Dapp Development Workshop on April 6–7, 2019 at Intek Institute. Many of the attendees were students there, and were already competent developers.  Those who completed the training, their digital certificate were stored on the Tomochain blockchain, another blockchain use case for credentials and certification verification.

February 14, 2019: Alpha Blockchain Consulting Becomes Official Tomochain Training and Solution Provider

We are proud to announce that Alpha Consulting has been chosen to become the Official Enterprise Training and Solution Provider for Tomochain. Together, we will be hosting a 2-day Blockchain Dapp Development Workshop and a 2-day Hackathon. 

October 22, 2018: Bringing Blockchain to Businesses in Kuala Lumpur

Alpha Blockchain organized an event in Kuala Lumpur for our partners at Black Pearl Capital (a subsidiary of Credit City Capital), to discuss about scaling businesses with blockchain, not fundraising  and how blockchain benefits businesses.

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